Probably the most mind blowing game in all of history….. of the cavemen…. who am I kidding, its my first game in twenty something years, and it BLOWS!!!!!

Really, who wants to play a block breaker game, especially one that stars an anonymous alien flying a space ship ( that can’t go up, apparently? ) bouncing a beach ball off of its top to break blocks and hit floating heads that somewhat represent the swine in Washington DC.

I feel a bit weird releasing this, but again, its not violent or a threat to anyone….. its a beach ball. Also, there is no music. What a let down, right?

Anyways, I am over making it and want to make something else now. Obviously I gave no thought to the actual game play. In fact, it was the first working example I did on a tutorial, so , there ya go.

The link to the app store is here

There will more than likely be no updates, unless a few people actually like it and want to see/play more ( other than my parents lol ). It will probably never leave Beta phase. In any case, Enjoy!