Final To-Do list for Wild Realms

This game has been in prototype development for too long, and the biggest mistakes have been realized in its infancy. I just wanted to document the biggest lessons learned so far and the final to do list to get it to playable before I shelve the project.

Biggest Lessons Learned:

  1. The Design MUST be complete and detailed. The biggest mistake I made was jumping into the development before a full design was created. For now on, code shoulden’t be done until I have a complete design built for the game, including PSD’s of the game graphics, layout, and full concept for gameplay and functions, including the UI and mechanics.
  2. Know how to do something before I do it. Some of the UI systems are written in different ways, making there interaction a bit awkward and strange. Of course, I couldn’t have circumvented this completely, I had to figure it out anyways, so really, its just a reminder that there might always be a better way to do something, but consistency is more important inside of a project.

So moving forward, I need to get the Wild Realms into a playable state so I can do some experiments and maybe work on something different for a bit. Here is the final to-do list for the prototype:

  1. Finish combat systems ( melee collision, missile stuff )
  2. Disasters
  3. Add the other bad guys
  4. add sound fx/music
  5. add stuff to the MWC
  6. Item destruction
  7. Bug fixes
  8. Pretty up stuff – add some particles to combat, fire flickers,
  9. Maybe depth?
  10. Make a video

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