GDD: Smokie The Cat Series

So originally I was thinking a particular game, when I had the light bulb of doing a few different types of clones using the same theme… just for fun.

Smokie is our beloved house cat, who is a pain in the ass. But we love her. What better way to immortalize her than in a series of games? Right?!

Flappy Cat: Smokie takes flight
So a flappy bird clone, but with smokie the cat. Flying and avoiding square furniture, beds, bushes, cars, etc,….

The Adventures of Smokie The Cat
Side Scrolling adventure

Streets of Smokie the Cat: Attack of the Ferrel Felines
Upwards space shooter clone, where you play the cat, spitting hair balls at other flying cats and avoiding obstacles. Your on a street instead of flying

And just now, I have this crazy ass idea…. to speed develop one of these games, and do the same with the others. Like my own little game jam. Yeah boi!!!!!
So yeah, lets start with the Flappy Cat!

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