GDD: Spheragon

2d platform , action

Mostly black and white, but color and glow effects for special things for emphasis.

Player will be a ball that grows with power ups. Power ups give more speed, higher jumps, and better impulse attack.

Levels will be a mix of puzzle and speed play.

Enemies are shapes.

Player can roll, accelerate, jump, double jump, wall jump, and impulse, which is an attack that kills any shape touching it. Player can also mimic a shape – as a square, player doesn’t roll without being pushed. Triangle can stick to walls. Hexegon can jump the highest?

Coins and destroying shapes gains points.

Obstacles could include, walls, sliding parts that block or stop the player, and of course enemies. Special things might include black holes that warp the player somewhere else in the map, boots/springs that shoot the player, warp zones that give the player more speed.

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